Insta Pro APK Download Latest Version for PC & Mac 2024

Do you want to know how to download Insta Pro Apk on your PC? So don’t worry about this problem because, in this article, you will learn about downloading the Instagram Pro Apk on your PC with proper guidelines.

Insta Pro APK

Instagram for PC

NameInstagram Apk
DeveloperSam Mods
Size70 MB
Download for PCBluestacks
Total Downloads10,000,000+
CategorySocial app
Insta Pro Apk for PC

What is Insta Pro APK?

Instagram Pro Apk is a mod version of the original app Instagram, which is very popular among users. This modified version provides unique features not found in the Instagram app. This mod version is very likely among the users because these features are not in the Insta app. The active users of Instagram Apk are more than 10 million, and these users are increasing daily. ThereThere are many versions of the Insta Pro apk, but the latest version of this app is 10.25, which you can download on Instagram.

Insta Pro Apk Features

This app’s features are unique, and you know it more profoundly and better understand it, which we described in a detailed way. So, let’s define these features, which are given below.

Download Reels, Photos, and Videos

You will enjoy these great features described in this article. You will know how to download videos, Photos, and reels on your devices. I know many of you have limited internet access for a short period, and you have to save the favorite things you want but can’t do on a sample Instagram app. But don’t worry; we will provide all these things on a modern Insta Pro Apk, where you can download all reels, photos, and your favorite videos.

Amazing Privacy

In a simple Instagram app, this fantastic feature, like privacy, is unavailable, which means your data is less secure than Instagram Pro 2 Apk. Because this is a mod version of the Instagram app, you can hide all your story views, hide your last seen, and avoid views being highlighted. These fantastic features are very beneficial for those users who have minimal contact with other users and people who enjoy their privacy.

HD Images

I know you are severely feeling about your picture quality in the simple Instagram app because this app’s HD quality can’t match. But don’t worry; you can share your HD images in Insta Pro Apk without distractions. Moreover, you can share these amazing pictures as a post in your inbox, stories, and much more. And all these will maintain their original quality.

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Anti -Ban

If you are worried about your account being banned, you will be. Don’t worry Because these fantastic features of Insta Pro Apk are more important than your account safety. This feature of Insta Pro provides more security protection when using this app.


These features are unique because they are user-friendly. With the help of this feature, you can control and explore all Instagram Pro features. You can create your account with the help of Instagram’s customization.

No watermark

This feature is also unique. With the help of this tool, you can translate any language provided by the Insta Pro app for free and cost. This feature allows you to achieve a watermark-free for any video, story, or photo you downloaded from the Insta Pro app. You also don’t need any rotted phone or Xposed farmwork to download images, videos, and stories.

No Ads

I know you, including me; many people feel evil when they open any app and see ads. In the Instagram app, you face some related issues because in this app, the ads are much more, and users feel bad. But don’t worry. We will provide you with an ads-free app, the Insta Pro Apk. In this app, you will see anti-advertisement feed scrolling and story swapping on Instagram. With the help of this, you will buy any thinking you want, and you remove any type of ad you have not seen.


This feature is for those users who are worried about any kind of customization on Instagram. Because of this feature, you will be able to customize any kind of your post and pages, such as you can change the post headers, footer, layout, and background colours with the help of Instagram Apk.

Multiply account support

This feature is unavailable in the sample Instagram app, which is unsuitable for the user’s requirements. Because this is modern, everyone wants multiple accounts to manage their different essential tasks. If you are still worried about this problem, don’t worry because we provide the contemporary mod version of this app, Instagram Pro Apk. This mod version supports multiple accounts, so users can easily switch accounts. 


This feature lets you zoom in on any picture, video, or other things in the Insta Pro Apk. With the help of this feature, you minimize and maximize any video and photo. Because sometimes the text and pictures are on a small farm, you can’t read and see this content easily; in this situation, this feature is helpful for the improvement of users’ needs.

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Fonts Feature

This feature is more likely from IntaPro Apk, which is unavailable in the Instagram app. With the help of this feature, you can write your content in different font farms. Using this fantastic font, you made your content more attractive. Some fonts are helpful for your content.

  1. Bolt font: In this font, you can bolt your content.
  2. Default font: In this font, you can default your content.
  3. Italic font: In this font, you made your content italic.
  4. and fancy font: You also make your content fancy with the help of this font.

Shopping Items in Search

This feature is for those worried about shopping because Insta Pro provides this feature in the app. In this feature, you can search for any product, brand, and specific category. If you are interested in shopping, then you tab to view more information, and you will see the product information, pricing, and details.

Using this fantastic feature, you can promote your business through this app on the internet. Because this feature is made only for shooing and business categories, you will also launch your product on this platform and earn money.

Followers Information

This feature of IG Apk tells the users who have flocked you and who has the herded back. This feature lets you quickly and efficiently track your followers’ locations and contact numbers.

Pros and Cons of Insta Pro Apk

As usual, you better know that every app, which is the brand type, has some pros and cons. SimilarlyInsta Pro 2 Old version Apk has some pros and cons. But this app has more pros and fewer cons, which are good user options. Some pros and cons of this app are given below.


  • Support both Android IO devices.
  • You can connect your other social accounts like Facebook, Tik Tok Through this
  • You can buy all Insta Pro follower’s likes without any IG password.
  • You can translate your native languages.
  • With this app, you can hide your typing status, feed, and stories.
  • You can also activate or login to multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • You can select more than 3000+ themes to make your Insta Pro appearance more attractive.


  • There are no Mac versions of Instagram Pro Apk.
  • The Insta Pro Apk can be addictive to some people.

Free Download and Install Insta Pro Apk for PC

Now, this short paragraph is critical because you know how to download and install the Insta Apk on your PC or Android devices. You can see these below and better understand this fantastic process.

  • First, you can download the Instagram Pro Apk box on this page.
  • You can see a download button on this page to download the latest version easily.
  • After completing the InstaPro Apk, open the settings of your cell phone and go to the security settings menu.
  • After selecting all access to the InstaPro Apk version.
  • After this, look at your downloaded folder and open your Insta Pro Apk file.
  • Now click the install the Instapro app button when it poops up.
  • After this, you successfully download the InstPro Apk app and now enjoy it.
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InstaPro Apk

Download for PC

This is another benefit of Insta Pro Apk, which you can download easily on your PC. We guide you step by step on how to download this excellent app on PC, So let’s start going.

  • First, you get Bluestacks software online by downloading any third-party source that is safe and secure.
  • After this, open it.
  • Now, search the InstaPro and click the entering button on your system keyboard.
  • Now, you select the latest version of the Insta Pro app from the list that you see.
  • After this, click Install Now..
  • Congratulations, you have downloaded the InstaPro Apk app on your system.


This article describes the whole article summary, which you will learn and know about this matter.
This article concludes that you see almost the same features of a sample Instagram app, but some excellent features are in the InstaPro Apk that you would like to enjoy in the simple version of this app.

In the mod version, you can see the latest versions of Insta, like Flowers’s information privacy policy, and download videos, photos, and stories. With the help of this, you will see different font systems that make your content stylish. In this app, you can zoom in on text, photos, and videos you do not usually see.

The feature of information about your contact is so unique it is not available in the simple app Instagram. This feature lets you see your friends and family’s online presence. You can also see the anti-ban feature, no ads, means you cannot see any ads, with no watermark, and many more features in Insta Pro Apk that are unavailable in the simple app.


Yes, InstaPro is safe and secure for all mods of Instagram on the internet for installing and downloading.

No, Instagram Pro does not cost any money. This app is free, and you can enjoy and use it without paying.

The latest version of InstaPro APK is V10.30. This version provides amazing features not available in other versions of this app.

No, Insta Pro is not an Illagle app. This is just a modified version. All inner codes are as it is identical.

This is a different kind of tool.

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