Insta Thunder Old Version v14 Download for Android 2024

Now we know more deeply about the most popular Insta Thunder Old version, how we use this version, and what is beneficial for all users. This article will teach you about all the features and their extraordinary quality. So, let’s start to learn about the Old version of Insta Thuder Apk.

What is the Insta Thunder Apk Old Version?

Insta Thunser Apk is a moded version of the official Instagram app, which was developed by Great developer Sam Mods. With the help of this version, you can be enhanced and modified, and your social media presence can be increased. If you want to improve your presence on social media platforms, we highly recommend this old version of Insta Thunder Apk. To help users, we also recommend InstaPro Apk and Insta Thunder Apk.

Old Version Of Insta Thunder

Information of Old Version Insta Thunder Apk

App NameInstagram Thunder
Size59 MB

Key Features of Old Version Insta Thunder Apk

Managed Multiply Account

This feature of the old version of Insta Thunder Apk is valuable because it allows you to manage your multiple accounts on the Signal app without using any tools or other things. We highly recommend this Old version if you are worried about working your various accounts on the signal app.

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Increased Smart Auto Likes and Comments

In the old version of Insta Thunder Apk, you increased your likes and followers automatically using this fantastic app feature. With the help of this feature, you can enhance your posts and grow your audience to the next level.

Optimized Hashteg

With this feature of the old version of Insta Thunder, you can optimize your post reels and many other things. Remember that if you maximize any posts or reels, you must choose a particular niche for your topic.

Enable and Disable Read Receipts

You can turn this fantastic Insta Thunder Apk Old version feature on and off on your behalf. Also, you control all conversations and messages; this feature benefits all users.

Copy and Past any Thing

With the help of this app, like the old version of Intsta Thunder, you can easily copy and paste them on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and many others. If you still use a simple Instagram app, recommend this excellent old version of the moded app.

Insta Thunder Old Version Benfites

If you use the Old version of Insta Thunder, many benefits are included; here are some of them.

Ad Free App

Using Insta Thunder’s Old version, you achieve an ads-free Instagram app. If you fully enjoy the Instagram app, then I recommend this app and take it to the next level.

User-Friendly Interface

Using the Instant Thunder Old Version, you enjoy a user-friendly interface where you can enhance all your posts, hide stories, and many other things you want.

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Upload High-Quality Media

In a simple Instagram app, the media quality is continuously decreased when you upload anything. Still, in Insta Thunder’s Old version, you upload any data with high quality and also absolutely cost.

Other Important Features Old Version Of Insta Thunder Apk

The other important features of the Insta Thunder Old version, but few of the themes are here.

  • Straightforwardly check your followers.
  • you can turn off the shopping advertisements that you want.
  • Open comment links easily if you want.
  • Zoom any picture on the next level.

Requirement for Downloading Old Version of Insta Thunder

  • If you download the Old version of Insta Thuder Apk on your system, you need to Android operating system 6.0 or above.
  • After this you you need to allow all unknown sources before downloading this version.

How to Download and Install Old Version Of Insta Thunder

  • First of all, click on the download link provided for the older version.
Insta Tunder Old Version
  • After downloading enable all “Unknown Resources” permission in the menu option.

(Mnue> Settings> Security>Permission>Unknwon Resources)

  • Now click the Apk file you downloaded, and the installation option will appear.
  • Click on Continue the installation process for a few seconds.
  • That’s it. Congrats, you’ve finished the setup successfully.
  • After this logo is added to your Instagram account, enjoy it.

FAQs of Insta Thunder Old Version

Yes, the Old Version of Insta Thunder is free.

Check the developer site or trusted sources for the latest version.

Search on APK archives or app farms from trusted sources.

Yes, you can use the Old version of Insta Thunder if this version is installed on your system.


Insta Thunder’s Old version is the best alternative version of the moded version of the Instagram app. In this version, you can use the latest features, like downloading any media, boosting your latest posts, and many other things.

All features are free of cost. If you use this feature, I highly recommend this fantastic mode version.

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